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how long does it take to recover after a hair transplant

It is probable that if you have ever thought about getting a hair transplant, you’ve probably wondered what the recovery time would be like. How long to recover from a hair transplant? Is the operation going to hurt? Will the back of my head be covered in a large scar?

Because a hair transplant may be so transformative, many people think it’s a major, intrusive procedure. As a result, hair transplantation is a pretty straightforward, painless procedure with a short recovery period. Since their new hair follicles are ready to start growing, most hair transplant patients can return to their regular routines within a day or two of their treatment.

To help you better understand what the recovery process may entail, we have broken down a few frequently asked concerns regarding hair transplant healing time.

How Long Does Hair Transplant Recovery Take?

The recuperation time following a hair transplant can vary from patient to patient, although it usually lasts around 14-16 months. Patients should anticipate some stiffness, tightness, and throbbing right after the treatment, but these symptoms should go away within a few days.

Within a few days after that, most people can resume their regular activities, like work and modest exercise. However, waiting 24 to 48 hours for  first hair washing, and staying away from contact sports and vigorous exercise for at least three weeks is recommended. After minimum a year, the full effects of the hair transplant are visible.

Most people should heal throughout 10 days to ensure the recovery time of a hair transplant is enough. However, depending on their age and metabolic health, some wounds could take longer to heal. Additionally, complications like a local infection or an unanticipated reaction may cause the healing process to take longer.

When Can You Touch Your Transplanted Hair?

In the days following your treatment, you should take great care to avoid touching the grafts, despite the temptation to run your fingers through your new hairline. The newly implanted grafts could be knocked loose, changing the procedure’s outcomes. You can lightly touch your freshly transplanted hair as necessary after two days.

When Can You Shower After A Hair Transplant Procedure?

You should exercise caution when taking showers during the first few weeks since the water pressure from the showerhead may damage the newly transplanted hair follicles on your scalp.

You can take a body shower with warm water once the 24-hour recovery time after the hair transplant has passed, but avoid getting your hair wet. Use a mild baby shampoo and wash your hair with a cup for the first week to two weeks following surgery to get the best results. You can apply conditioner on the donor area if any itching bothers you.

How to wash your hair after a hair transplant?

Hair Care & Hair Washing

Advice and instruction about washing and shampooing your scalp after hair transplant.

1.Generally on the second post-operative day you can begin washing your hair.

2.Please apply the prescribed foam lotion with clean finger tips gently and carefully on the planting area and the donor area. Avoid rubbing and scrubbing the transplant area. The donor part you can rub. This lotion should be kept there for 15 minutes.

3.After this process use warm water under normal pressure to rinse the lotion out. After this the shampooing process should be performed also with finger tips, with small and very light movements on the donor and recipient areas and the nails should never contact those areas. Avoid putting pressure on the scalp.

4.After the hair is washed, the hair should be dried gently with a cotton towel without rubbing. Don’t use hairdryer. Please avoid using any type of hair spray or other lotions

5. This process should be repeated every day during 10 days. The last three days from the hair washing the lotion need to use in abundance and leave for 1 hour. After waiting for 1 hour, the patient can massage with fingertips with circular movements (without using nails) and try to clean the crusts without forcing. This will help clear down crusts and the patient will return to normal life.

Will All Transplanted Hair Grow?

Fortunately, hair transplant techniques have improved a lot in recent years. It means that most grafts would indeed grow. Therefore, you can expect above 80-85% for front area and 60% success for crown area after hair transplant surgery.

Within the first 2-6 weeks after the hair transplant, the transplanted hair will fall out first. This is normal. The reason of this is that the new grafts want to adapt to the new location. The hair only temporarily falls out and the root remains.

It usually takes around three months for new hair to grow although it can sometimes take up to four months. After hair transplant, it takes  minimum 14-16 months before final results are seen. The amount and rate of hair growth post transplant varies from patient to patient.

The result will a lot would depend on the expertise and experience of the doctor. After recovery process the patient can consult with the doctor for the medications, food supplements (vitamins) and PRP treatment recommendations after hair transplantation. That is why you should choose a hair transplant clinic with due diligence.

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