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Hair Transplant Turkey

With FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)  Dr Ertugrul SEYMAN performs word-class Hair Transplant in Turkey, Antalya.

He is working very systematic. He believes Hair transplant surgery shouldn’t consider simple procedures therefore he is active during surgery also he is working with best hospital and experience stuff.

Dr. E SEYMAN graduated from Medical School at Eskisehir Anatolia University in 1992 he worked at different Hospitals as doctor. He Joined Medical Esthetic Department in 2004 since he joined he started to do Hair Transplantation surgery.

Dr. SEYMAN has been doing Hair Transplant since 2004. His first experience was FUT method, however in 2006 he interested in to explore FUE method therefore since 2006 Dr. SEYMAN have been  performing FUE method.

With advantage of FUE method Dr SEYMAN specialized body hair transplant such as beard, moustache and eyebrow restoration. Dr. SEYMAN gives extra effort for Hair Line Designing, such as density and natural appearance. Base on his experience that successful Hair Transplant surgery can be monitored with Hair line design. Dr. SEYMAN attempted so many conference and seminars About Hair Transplantation.

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Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Welcome to the Dr. Seyman Hair Transplantation Center! We are here to provide you with excellent hair transplantation treatments so that you may feel better and reclaim your confidence. Because we recognize that dealing with hair loss can be a trying and uncomfortable experience, we work hard to offer the best treatment choices that are customized for each patient.

We can guarantee an excellent result at the hair transplant clinic thanks to our cutting-edge facilities, modern tools, and methods. Dr. Seyman is dedicated to offering top-notch service, and we make an effort to make every encounter relaxing, practical, and fruitful.

Who Is Dr. Seyman?

Dr. Ertugrul Seyman performs world-class hair transplantation in Antalya, Turkey, using FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method. He works systematically and believes hair transplant surgery should not be simple. Therefore, he is active during surgery and works with the best clinic and experienced staff in the Turkey hair transplant center.

Dr. Seyman graduated from medical school at Anadolu University in 1992 and worked at different medical centers as a doctor. He joined Medical Esthetic Department in 2004 and started doing hair transplantation surgery.

Dr. Seyman has an extensive experience in hair transplantation. His first experience was the FUT method. However, in 2006, he was interested in exploring the FUE method, so he implemented it in his practice. Since then, the surgeon has performed dozens of operations of all kinds, from traditional hair transplant surgery to beard and mustache treatment.

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What Method Does He Use?

Over the past few years, the hair transplant procedure known as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) has gained popularity. Its main benefits are that this technique is minimally invasive, does not require a linear donor site, and produces results with a more natural appearance.

FUE shouldn’t require a linear donor site since it lessens the possibility of intrusive scarring or major donor sites. Additionally, the donor location may be less noticeable because each graft is done separately.

Because the FUE treatment is less intrusive than conventional “strip” hair transplant techniques, the recovery time is substantially quicker. Furthermore, as opposed to several hours with traditional approaches, the procedure typically just needs a few hours.

Finally, more natural-looking outcomes are possible using the FUE technique. The surgeon in the hair transplant Turkey clinic can better control the hair’s angle, direction, and spacing by removing each follicle one at a time and implanting it into the recipient areas, creating a more natural appearance.

What Is the Price of Hair Transplantation?

The cost of an operation performed by Dr. Seyman depends on the number of grafts. Therefore, you can review a hair transplant procedure price indicated below.

The cost would be € 1500 if a patient required fewer than 1500–2500 grafts. Patients will pay roughly €1700 if they need more than 2500–3500 grafts. The total surgery cost is €2000 if more than 3500–4500 grafts are placed. All prices include two nights’ hotel accommodations, meals, transfers, medical assistance, and free PRP therapy during surgery.

How Long Does a Hair Transplantation Operation Take?

Hair transplantation takes 6 to 8 hours to complete depending on the size of the area of hair loss and the number of grafts needed. The patient can do various things as the head is locally anesthetized before the operation. They may watch television, read a book, or take a rest or lunch break whenever they want. It is a straightforward operation on the part of the patient, and the result is always excellent.

Look no further if you are looking for a reliable Turkey hair transplant clinic. Contact us today to book a consultation and find out what we can do for you. Dr. Seyman is ready to answer any questions about the future procedure!

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