Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Seyman Clinic decides on the suitability of the patients for hair transplantation after the medical examination.

Hair transplantation is recommended according to patient’s hair condition and hair loss phase. Apart from this, there is no particular age for having a hair transplantation procedure.


Dr. SEYMAN’s price is depending on number of grafts therefore we have price list below If patient needs less than 1500-2500 grafts price would be 2500 euros If patient needs more than 2500-3500 grafts price would be 3000 euros If patient needs more than 3500-4500 grafts price would be 3500 euros All prices are including 2 nights’ Accommodation, Transportation, Food, Medical support and Free PRP treatment during surgery


Hair transplantation takes 5 to 8 hours to complete depending on the size of the area of hair loss and the number of grafts needed. As the head is locally anaesthetized before the operation, The patient may watch television, read a book, or take a rest or lunch break whenever he wants. It is a very easy operation on the part of the patient


Your hair transplantation operation will be performed with specialized doctor at a comfortable and fully-equipped operating theater at Antalya Medical Park Hospital. First, the area of transplantation and the forehead line are determined by the doctor. At this point, doctor makes a decision with you. He tries to draw your Hair line with the most natural appearance in order to give your head a natural appearance and make it unnoticeable that you undergo an operation of hair transplantation. After the Hair line is drawn, your hair is cut using a hair trimmer and your head is entirely disinfected for local anesthesia. In the next step, the grafts – your hair follicles – are harvest and put inside petri dishes that contain a special solution. Once the number of follicles you need is reached, doctor proceeds to incision once incision performed by the doctor than the experience nurse places your hair follicles in the area where the follicles are to be planted. The duration of hair transplant operation takes 4 to 8 hours depending on the texture of your hair, size of the hair loss area and the number of grafts needed.


Aspirin or any other blood thinning medications should not be taken in the last week before the operation. Use of alcohol and cigarette should be stopped 3 to 4 days before the operation. If there are lotions or medications that are used for hair loss, they should be stopping to using by the last week before the operation. The patient should not be dyed before the operation. Haircuts should be avoided as per the opinions of our specialists.

The 3 days after hair transplantation is an important process for adhesion of grafts. You should avoid hitting your head in this process. You can return to your daily life and job after the operation. You should sleep on your back and avoid putting a pillow on the area of operation during first week after the operation. You can learn how to wash your hair when you come to our center for having your hair washed on the 3rd day after the operation. The rashes that occur on the transplantation site after the operation generally recover in a week. You should always wear a hat whenever you are in a dusty or unhygienic environment for 2 weeks after the operation. You should avoid direct contact of sun or rain with your hair, and use scissors instead of hair trimmer if you want to have your hair cut in this period

The first several weeks after the operation are very important as a measure of success of hair transplantation. The patient should avoid head traumas, and touching anything directly with his head or anything that may harm the transplantation site such as hitting, for the first 3 days in particular. Potential impacts may harm, move or displace the transplanted follicles. The patient should also pay utmost attention to his sleeping position. He should never sleep on his sides or face down. During the first night after the operation in particular, the patient should be checked on by a relative to ensure correct sleeping position. During the period of recovery, the patient should wear a hat or a kerchief to avoid the dust and dirt in public areas. The patient should take out the bandana or cap indoors to relieve the sense of pressure caused by the headwear and to apply oxygen to ensure faster recovery. He should also avoid getting into the sea, swimming pools, saunas, or performing heavy works and being exposed to sun. Heavy sportive activities should also be avoided and only milder activities such as walking should be performed. The patient should not have a haircut for the first three weeks. Haircuts using scissors only are allowed by the third week, and any haircut is allowed by the second week, following the operation. The transplanted hair will fall down (shock loss) within the first month from the transplantation. This is a predictable outcome and there is no need to be worry. It depends on the physiological characteristics, hair structure, and dietary habits of the patient. The transplanted hair usually grows by the 3rd month. Hair growth may lead to itches or acnes in this period. Most of the transplanted follicles should grow hair by the 6th month. It is possible to have a clear view of the operation results by the 1 year. Since the donor site resistance hair loss, the transplanted hair shows the characteristics of the nape area and is never lost.

It is monitored that beard transplantation is preferred in local ‘baldness’, i.e. areas without beard attributable to scars and accident marks, alopecia aerate or similar other diseases, and use of medication. Beard Transplantation operation is performed with the doctor, experience nurse and under local anesthesia. Beard Transplantation requires advanced devices with special punch diameter. Doctor will also adjust the angles of transplanted hair follicles in order to ensure a natural appearance of facial hair growth. Do not hesitate to ask to the Dr.SEYMAN about anything that you would like to know.