Choi Implanter Pen Technique

Choi Implanter Pen Technique

Choi Implanter Pen (DHI) technique is a device which is made hair transplant faster and proficient. In this method, the roots of hair (where the hair papilla located) grafts are embed on the tip of pencil by nippers. After the needle at the end of the implanter pen is placed into the scalp, the graft is placed on the scalp with manual instruments.  ‘’Choi Implanter Pen’’ also called DHI because the grafts which extracted through DHI are directly Implant to the recipient region.

With choi pen the grafts rate planted in cm square is 35% more than the graft rate planted in other method. In the pen technique, the bleeding is almost negligible compare to other fue technique.

The aim of Implanter pen is to provide a comfortable process for the patient after the hair transplantation. In addition to obtain a natural result for the patient also returning to work and social life as quick as possible is consider to be one of the most important things for patient.

Choi pen method is suitable to all kind of patient and also for those who have bleeding problems and weren’t be able to implant their graft with fue of the bleeding.

With Choi pen technique the hair doesn’t need to be shaving all, especially recipient area who has only thinning. In choi pen technic also is used female hair transplant as we mentioned with choi we don’t need shaving all this is very important issue for woman hair transplantation.

This method has to carry out with fully experience doctor and specials in our clinic Dr. Seyman and his specialists are very carefully perform this technique.

Advantages of Choi Implanter Pen

The grafts survival rate increases due to the use of choi implanter pen

Less bleeding during implantation of the grafts

It’s allows to give any angle of hair placement

No need to shaving all hair

Results are more natural than other technique

Very fast recovery after the hair transplant surgery

The diameter of the needles is less than other technique therefore he/she can go back to his/her work and social life as quick as possible.

Risk of infection very rare

Less trauma, less swelling and quick healing

Disadvantages of Choi Implanter Pen

It is expensive than other technics

It is require more person during surgery

It is operation that gives more attention during surgery

Doctor and stuff needed more training