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post operative hair care

After your hair transplantation procedure is completed you can leave our clinic with access to our full post-operative hair transplant aftercare program and ask for guidance any time you need it.

From this stage, it can 2-3 months before your new follicles fully take and begin to naturally grow new hair. In our hair transplantation clinic in Antalya, Turkey we’ll make sure you’re feeling completely normal immediately following the procedure, thanks to the advances in local anesthesia techniques it’s possible to offer you a painless post-operative stage. You might feel that your scalp is tight or swollen due to the fluid that has been placed under the scalp.

In our clinic we will provide any required prescriptions and/or drugs you may need during the postoperative recovery. If you experience any discomfort, you may take mild pain-killer pills. If you are taking any medications before the surgery, you can continue to take them under our consultations following the surgery.

In the first weeks after the surgery you have to;

  • Sleep in an upright position for the first two nights post-operation to allow any residual swelling to decrease.
  • Avoid pulling tight clothing over your head as the newly transplanted grafts are sensitive.
  • Should not scratch, rub, brush or comb the newly transplanted hair as this can pull out the transplanted grafts.
  • Ensure good hand hygiene.
  • Avoid physical exercise that includes over bending or heavy lifting for one-week post-procedure.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Eat well and follow a nutritionally efficient diet. Avoid fast food, alcohol, smoking.
  • You may return to work the day after your procedure, providing your work does not involve hard physical labor.

Washing Your Hair

You will be given the proper shampoo for operation after-care to wash your hair by our clinic. After the third day of the procedure, you need to wash your hair with gentle movements, to avoid any pressure. If you don’t feel comfortable washing your hair in our clinic in Antalya, Turkey we offer aftercare for your hair.

On the third to the fifth day after the procedure, you can use a glass or a small jar to wash the transplanted follicles.

When combing your hair you have to do it carefully and gently to avoid moving the planted roots. Avoid hair dryers in the first two weeks.

To summarize;

  • Week 1, you will only be allowed to form lather in your hands and press this gently over the scalp. After the second and third day of the procedure, you can touch the roots with gentle movements.
  • Do not pick the crusts. They will generally be gone in 7 – 10 days.
  • Week 2, you can form the lather in your hands and press onto your scalp softly as directed by our team. You may apply a thin coat of baby oil or moisturizer to the graft area at bedtime. This can help soften crusts before morning bath.
  • Week 3, you will be able to resume your normal hair washing regimen.

Swelling and pinkness/redness, numbness, tingling, itching after the procedure is normal to a degree.

If you have any questions about your hair after the operation, you’ll be able to communicate to us freely.