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Moustache Transplantation

Since the presence of hair on the upper lip provides a specific type of appearance for men, absence of this hair – moustache – is defined as disturbing. Just like hair and eyebrows, moustache is suitable for hair follicle transplantation. The grafts needed for transplantation can be taken from the donor area and planted on the upper lip. In some instances, there may be scars or marks on this area. Dr. SEYMAN and his experience nurse can also conceal such marks through Beard Transplantation.

It is very important to have a natural appearance of moustache and not to plant grafts too close to one another. As is the case in other transplant surgery, the transplanted grafts should not be too close to one another. Dr. SEYMAN and his nurse guarantee that they can perform moustache transplantation without any complication. This will allow the grafts to have enough space for feeding and growing. Since the moustache region is in the middle of the face, the finer the punch of a micro device is, the more aesthetic the result that they yield will be. You can have such operations with your mind at peace at Dr. SEYMAN hair transplantation Center.

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