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Hair Transplantation

For man and woman hair loss (Male pattern baldness) is become very important problem encountered around the world.  Let’s simply open, hair loss is part of the regrow process of the hair  85 to 90% of the roots of a healthy person constantly grow. This is known as the human hair grow phase, and can last for 2 to 10 years, the remaining 10 to 15% of the hair is in the period of resting, in this period known as the telogen phase, loss of hair occurs while the lost hair is replaced by new hair follicles, and the growth of hair continues in this cycle. Hair loss is in fact failure to grow new hair follicles to replace the ones that are lost in the telogen phase. Although hair loss is attributable to several reasons, hair loss in men in particular is caused by genetic factors.

This is called Androgenetic Alopecia and is characterized by loss of hair follicles as the level of male sex hormone testosterone increases. This loss causes the hairs to be lost permanently without growth of new hair follicles to replace them. At this point, the medication and shampoos that are sold solely for trading intent do not work. No matter how advanced our healthcare and medical technology is today, it is not possible to grow new hair follicles Therefore the scientists founded Hair transplantation method which is a final and permanent method of treatment that completely resort the problem of baldness.

Hair transplantation does not regenerate hair follicles in replacement of those which are lost. The process only involves transplantation of hair follicles transfer from the donor region to the recipient where no hair region, which makes it literally transplantation of hair. It is a small but very important surgical operation which is suitable for people of every age provided that the necessary prior condition is fulfilled. At this point, Doctor and his team that will perform hair transplantation should be specialized and experienced, and it is very important to choose a properly-sterilized

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